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>Jasna Stoimirovska-Velichkov

About The Speaker

Jasna Stoimirovska-Velichkov

Founder of Arel Neuromarketing, an analysis, research and education laboratory. I have been working with neuromarketing for more than a decade and I am a pioneer in the application of neuroscience in marketing in our region. I am a member of the international neuromarketing business association NMSBA, and I have been promoting the use of new innovative technologies and advancement of the marketing industry. I started my career as a market analyst at Nielsen, Oxford, UK, and I acquired practical knowledge and got a chance to work with the neuromarketing methodology in Denmark and the Netherlands. Today I use advanced biometric technology and artificial intelligence to gain insight into customers’ behaviour based on scientific principles. In addition to helping companies understand the role that their brand plays in the lives of their customers, I am also actively involved in the family business Agrar Co. Namely, I am responsible for the international marketing and presentation of the company at food fairs around Europe and beyond. At the Skopje Marketing Summit, I will be presenting the benefits of using the neuromarketing methodology along with some practical examples. Things that we once only assumed or intuitively believed to be true, today we can measure accurately.

Join us at Skopje Marketing Summit on 02/06/2022