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>Steven Traykovski

About The Speaker

Steven Traykovski

Be Ready For Web3! Steven is a technologist, entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience helping companies grow through technology, operations and people strategy. He built global teams and created efficient operations to support digital advertising technology at Google, Facebook, and the media agency Publicis. He also has experience building marketing tools as a Product Manager for the magazine publisher Time Inc. For the last several years, Steven has pivoted to the new and exciting world of Web3, blockchains, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. He's currently working as a contract developer for dApps (primarily backend), hacking on projects in Web3, and writing on blockchain technology. Steven is the proud son of a Macedonian immigrant to the US and lives in California. He enjoys outdoor activities, language learning, and all Macedonian food and drink! At Skopje Marketing Summit, Steven will give us a vivid description of the term Web3, becoming popular in recent years, what does it mean, what does it include, and most importantly, how will it impact digital marketing in the future? This session will lay out definitions, provide a current state of the digital world considered part of Web3, and offer ideas for marketers to consider to stay ahead of this trend.

Join us at Skopje Marketing Summit on 02/06/2022