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>Suzana P. Nikiforova

About The Speaker

Suzana P. Nikiforova

Brand expert, pioneering a conscious and systemic change in brand management. She is the author of Animaway Branding, a book that announces a new vision for brands. The book is an outcome of the multidisciplinary scientific research she has performed in the framework of her doctoral studies, grounded on her rich business experience as consultant in brand and business development. She is a brander and marketer, but also a service designer, Lego Serious Play facilitator, Art of Hosting practitioner, as well as Kundalini yoga Teacher. She is a founder of Animaway, a branding agency of change which is on a mission to change branding for creating a better world. She believes that we need to shift the focus to the transformational needs of humanity in order to reach the sustainable development goals.

Join us at Skopje Marketing Summit on 02/06/2022